Shihan Ralph’s book

Going for a Walk in the World


The Experience of Aikido

By Ralph Pettman

“The dream that makes us free is the dream of an open heart the dream that there might be one world lived together while living apart.”

The author currently lives in Karuizawa, Japan, where he teaches aikido twice a week. When not teaching aikido, Ralph also teaches world politics at Gakushuin University in Tokyo. An aikidoka since 1969, he is a sixth dan in aikido. He originally trained for fourteen years in the Aikikai style. More recently he has trained in the style of Yoshinobu Takeda, a leading student of Yamaguchi-sensei (who was an instructor at the Honbu and the proponent of a movement-oriented, collaborationist training method with a deeply spiritual rationale).

His e-mail address is:

This calligraphy was done by Shuken Motomiya, an old and much venerated Zen monk. When he did it, he lived in a temple at Fujinomiya, at the foot of Mt. Fuji. The character means “Dream”. A lovely piece of calligraphy that was brushed especially for this book

The complete book is about 20,000 words. It is in the public domain, so please feel free to reproduce it in whole or in part, with due attribution.

You may either start at the table of content in the navigation to your right or alternatively, you may wish to download the entire book.


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